From the makers of the Award-winning TV series XLTV comes a DVD series designed to take today's Generation to the next level.

Powerful, life Changing testimonies from the world's top extreme athletes and personalities living on the edge. Each DVD includes 3 episodes with Relative Topics, exotic travel and images that will have you on the edge of your seat-
Xtreme Life- Sports with a message.

3x EPISODES: CHOICES / FAITH & HOPE / IDENTITY - Total Run time: 69 min

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In extreme sports the right or wrong choices can make or break you. Every day we make choices that can affect our lives and our future. In this episode we'll see how some world class athletes make their choices.

We're gonna witness some crazy jetski action, from around the world.

Get ready to strap in with pro skydiver J.C. Colclasure as he shares on how choices affect his life.

We'll meet up with Dean Lavelle (4x World Champion) & Westin Cotton, two pro wake boarders ripping it up.
Ready for some speed? We've got street luge racing at it's best.

Next we'll go behind the scenes with lead actor from the award winning movie, "Refined", (surfer- Daniel Rice)- to see how choices affected his life.

There's a whole lot more on the way, all on this insane episode of XTREME LIFE.



Two ingredients to walking a life of potential. We'll touch on these as we travel up to a secret surf spot off the west coast of Africa and hang out with a crew that live the talk.

Plus stunt action, a skate instruction, and surfing that will blow your mind plus a whole lot more all from the West Coats of Africa and XLTV at it's best.



It's O.K to have our own image but we should always have our identity rooted in Christ. In this episode we will discover how to find our identity in the Lord while keeping our individual image.

It's all about pushing the limits as we go big with professional waterman, Pascal Hardy from Eternal Riders.

We'll chill out in the mountains with pro snowboarder Shannon Dunn, to find out how she found her identity in the Lord.

Then it's off to California, for an epic surf session with three aspiring surfers, making a name for themselves- Chris Abad, John Daniels, Garrett Bonner pursuing their dreams, before traveling around the world to see some of the worst craziest surfing wipeouts ever.

Next, we'll go big with Pro Skateboarder Kanten Russell and learn the difference between image and Identity plus witness skateboard crashes like never before.

Plus a whole lot more crazy stuff, all on this episode of Xtreme Life.