From the makers of the Award-winning TV series XLTV comes a DVD series designed to take today's Generation to the next level.

Powerful, life Changing testimonies from the world's top extreme athletes and personalities living on the edge. Each DVD includes 3 episodes with Relative Topics, exotic travel and images that will have you on the edge of your seat-
Xtreme Life- Sports with a message.

3 x EPISODES: CHALLENGES/ ENDURANCE/ FOCUS - Total run time: 72 min

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Face it, in life we are all going to face challenges of different intensity- but the big question is how do we face these challenges and come through strong.

Time to heat it up and head out to the desert for some dirt bike riding with the crew from R4C.

Getting too hot, we'll cool off with some sick kitebaording action from Hawaii.

Spend a day in the life with world champion barefoot water-skier , Lane Dawg Bowers as he jumps out a helicopter and skis in the most insane conditions and tells us how he overcame some life threatening challenges.

Scott Yamamura has a great trick tip and to finish things off there's plenty of challenges in the dirt bike segment so hold on tight for a crazy episode.



You gotta admit it, that there are times in life that you really feel like just giving up. We all have it so how do we push through.

Today we're gonna start off by spending a full day putting into practice the word Endurance. Starting at the beach with epic surfing and then driving to the mountains for a snow board session can be quite tiring so a good time to practice what we preach.

Then strap in for some amazing Base Jumping with the world's best. Ryan Rey, producer of killer surf flick "postcard from Paradise" will take us behind the scenes. Vic Murphy presents the trick tip for al the BMX'ers called THE ROLLBACK. And if that's not enough we got snowboard action at it's best plus lots more.



Staying focused is quite challenging to say the least- with distractions around every corner how do we achieve this?

Legendary body boarder Jeff Hubbard will be taking us deep into the barrel with some sick body board action.
get ready as we go behind the scenes with the crew that bring you Xtreme Life show each week. We'll go underwater, fly in helicopters and zoom in on the sickest action ever caught on film.

And to add to the ingredients we've got some killer sounds, a bmx trick tip and sports moments that will have you holding your breath.

So keep it right here for XLTV at it's best.